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Digitized Newspapers A Gift to Maryland Communities

Chronicled History from 1879 to 2008 Now Available Online Today is Maryland Day, a day that commemorates the formal founding of the colony of Maryland in 1634. As we’re reminded in this account by Dr. Jean Russo of Maryland State Archives, the news of the day – much like that of every news report before and since – has multiple versions. Thus, the donation of digitized historic newspapers by Eric E. Glass and The Taney Corporation serves as a concrete…

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Seven Miles, 500 Years of Stories: Jekyll Island History Preserved through Map and Blueprint Scanning

From native hunting land to illegal slave port to millionaires playground to family vacation destination, the coastal beaches and blooming land of Jekyll Island, Georgia have drastically transformed over the past 500 years. Through a collaboration between Jekyll Island Museum Archives, the Jekyll Island Authority and digitization partner, The Crowley Company, nearly 5000+ pages of oversized land maps and blueprints of Jekyll’s infrastructure and historic homes have been preserved and made digitally accessible. This week’s blog gives a glimpse of…

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Cheers to 40 Years!

On Saturday, February 1st, The Crowley Company (Crowley) marked its 40th anniversary since incorporation. I think our founder, Jerry Crowley, would be quite proud – and perhaps a little surprised – at how the company has evolved over the decades. From a one-man basement operation in Maryland to a 100+-team, three-location international company, the staff and geography are just two indications of the changes we’ve seen over the years. In many respects, technology has advanced over these 40 years in ways only imagined…

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Class Action Digitization

Special Collections Give Access to Tobacco, Drug, Chemical, Food and Fossil Fuel Industry Documents   A library is a library is a library, right? You might be interested to know that in the industry there are four primary library types: Public (libraries that belong to cities and towns) School (libraries that serve K-12 students) Academic (libraries that belong to higher education institutions) Special (libraries that belong to any private or public institution or corporation) So…what do you call a library that…

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Patrick Hill’s Digitization Playbook

Vince Lombardi. Coach from Cheers. Patrick Hill. What do these people have in common? They’re born to coach a team (or, in the case of Cheers, a bar full of Bostonians. Same thing, right?). In just nine months as Director of Crowley Imaging Services (Crowley), Patrick Hill has utilized his leadership, business and IT experiences to enhance the productivity and profitability of Crowley’s award-winning digitization service bureau. Coming into the fourth quarter of his first year, I sat with Hill…

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Happy (T)Hanksgiving, Part Six

Aw, just look at our sweet Hank. In November 2013, Cassie Hahn, an 11-year veteran of the Crowley administrative team, brought in her roly-poly English bulldog pup with more wrinkles than a linen suit on a hot day. The short little legs of this irresistible bundle of fur could barely support his king-sized head and the Maryland office immediately fell in love. Hank inspired our very first “Hanksgiving” post and for the sixth year, the tradition continues. Like Hank, Crowley…

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