There was no formal training program and no hand-holding. You worked. You delivered. You moved on to the next project.

Christopher Crowley, President, on how he learned the family business

About the Crowley Company

A World Leader in Scanning Products
and Digitization Services

The Crowley Company is a unique – and to our knowledge, the only – blend of scanner manufacturer, scan system distributor and digitization services bureau. This dynamic combination allows Crowley to understand the complexities of archival preservation and records management from every angle, providing a competitive and technological edge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Only The Crowley Company can offer a complete range of digitization and preservation solutions for imaging technology:

Crowley History

For more than 40 years, The Crowley Company has served archivists, librarians, records managers, county clerks and all those tasked with the permanent preservation of information. Click the button below to learn about the Crowley journey from a one-man home-based business to an international world leader.

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