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Zeutschel 12002 Scanner Enhances Milton Public Library’s Local History Resources

Over the past 160 years, the Milton Public Library has evolved from a small mechanics’ institute which served 29 members to a bustling public library network which now serves one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada.¹ With the goal of empowering the 130,000+ residents to read, learn, create and connect, the Library staff is constantly developing new ways to better serve its flourishing municipality. Recently, these efforts have included a push toward digital access to valuable research information through digitization. Mark…

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Class Action Digitization

Special Collections Give Access to Tobacco, Drug, Chemical, Food and Fossil Fuel Industry Documents   A library is a library is a library, right? You might be interested to know that in the industry there are four primary library types: Public (libraries that belong to cities and towns) School (libraries that serve K-12 students) Academic (libraries that belong to higher education institutions) Special (libraries that belong to any private or public institution or corporation) So…what do you call a library that…

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Sales and the Stacks: A Library Show Through the Eyes of Crowley Reps

Next week at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, the Crowley reps will take to the exhibit hall to demonstrate a wide variety of scanners, software and services in Booth 2438. On-hand will be book and document scanners, patron microfilm scanners, digital hosting solutions and 71MP cameras for end-user integration. In anticipation of this event, I sat down with two of Crowley’s sales representatives, Robie Harris (RH) and Zak Lubchansky (ZL), to get their take on libraries and the conferences that have…

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Library Solutions Win Modern Library Awards

We got the good news a month ago, but a press moratorium kept our lips sealed (here we go with that again!) until today: two of Crowley’s Zeutschel scanners have garnered accolades in the inaugural Modern Library Awards (MLA) program present by LibraryWorks, Inc.  This announcement is exciting for several reasons: 1)      The word “Modern.” Although today’s libraries still cater to those of us who like to cuddle up in a quiet space surrounded by stacks of literature (absorbing intelligence simply…

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Patron Scanners and Preservation – Part One

How today’s libraries are embracing technology for those walking in the door and those searching the internet As we head to Philadelphia for the annual ALA Mid-Winter Conference and Expo, it’s a great time to reflect on how libraries are enhancing their relevance and expanding their reach by embracing today’s technology. As a library vendor, we see two distinct trends taking place: the increase in patron (sometimes called “walk-up” or “on-demand”) systems found on the library floor and the growth…

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