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Paper, Document and Manuscript Scanning

Digitization Services for Loose Records,
Files and Archival Collections

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Crowley’s Digitization Services division has been providing letter, legal, manuscript and large-format paper scanning services for four decades, demonstrating the ability to handle even the largest backfile conversions through our proven document digitization services. Today, the company has expanded its corporate campus to include a dedicated document scanning facility, leading to even higher production and cost efficiencies, helping government, corporate, educational and institutional record holders to convert paper records for long-term preservation and ease of access in-house or remotely.

Document digitization services are key in facilitating the storage of records and files. Crowley’s client base includes schools and universities (including archives, student records scanning and more), the medical and healthcare communities, local, state and Federal government entities, and private industry entities.

Utilizing sophisticated high-speed scanners from manufacturers including Canon, Contex, Fujitsu, Avision, InoTec and Kodak, Crowley’s Digitization Services division has the capacity and technical expertise to help manage any document conversion with efficient document scanning services. Additionally, the InoTec scanners have proven capable of producing FADGI-rated images up to three stars, a critical standard for records that may become permanent archives.

A typical workflow for paper scanning conversions includes:
  • the use of patch and barcode sheets

    2024 Platinum Multi-Year Award
    Crowley’s Digitization Services is a multi-year Platinum Modern Library Award winner.
  • high-speed scanning to desired output
  • tailored post-processing applications
  • customized indexing applications
  • system implementation
System Implementation

The Crowley programming staff has proven experience in managing data conversions. This expertise allows for final output integration into the wide array of document management solutions on the market today or into a custom solution engineered for a specific business application. Whether the needs are internal, external or for web distribution, Crowley can provide the needed solution to integrate digitized images into a workflow.

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