Crowley Awarded Three Platinum and Gold 2024 Modern Library Awards

2024 MLA LogoFrederick, Md. – The Crowley Company (Crowley), a multi-award winning and worldwide leader in digitization scanning solutions and services is delighted to announce the firm’s 2024 LibraryWorks’ Modern Library Awards (MLAs) recipients. This year, Crowley’s Digitization Services division received a Platinum-level award.  The company’s three scanner entries – the Zeutschel ScanStudio Cultural Heritage Scanner and Mekel Technology MACH-Series Microfilm Scanner – also garnered Platinum-level awards and Crowley’s UScan+-Series Universal Film Scanner – earned a Gold-level award. Since the program’s inception, Crowley has been recognized with 38 top awards, view them all here.

Modern Library Awards Program Criteria

To be recognized as one of the top products and services in the library industry, a qualifying organization must submit its application per service or product in the Fall of 2023 for the 2024 MLAs. Once applications are received, they are batched into small groups and sent to the LibraryWorks database of more than 80,000 librarians at public, K-12, academic and special libraries for judging. To make sure there are no biases when the judging takes place, only customers with experience with these products or services are permitted to rank and score (on a numeric basis from 1-10) on functionality, value and customer service.

The Crowley Company’s 2024 Honorees

2024 Platinum Multi-Year AwardCrowley Digitization Services. A seven-year Platinum and two-year Service of the Year honoree, Crowley Digitization Services has served librarians, patrons, archivists, historians, government and record managers with the best digitization solutions for over 40+ years. Crowley’s digitization services utilize top-of-the-line capture hardware andCrowley Digitization Services knowledgable staff with 20+ years of experience to capture high-quality images of archival and special collections for all still media such as books, newspapers, maps, microform, documents and more to fit any institution’s needs. One judge notes, “We used Crowley for a variety of digitization projects including books, slides, microfilm and microfiche and were very happy with all of our interactions.”

Crowley is the only firm (to our knowledge) that manufactures and distributes scanners, uses them in-house and supports them globally. This unique ability to embrace the full life cycle of digitization – from still media records and archives to digital capture to final output and beyond – allows Crowley’s teams to understand, accept, adapt and react to any collection digitization challenge. Another judge states, “Crowley has been our main paper and photo digitization vendor for about a decade. They provide excellent end-to-end customer service. We appreciate their competitive prices, their skill when working with our unique materials, and their flexibility with timelines.”

2024 Platinum Multi-Year Award Zeutschel ScanStudio Cultural Heritage Scanner. A four-year consecutive Platinum and last year’s Product of the Year honoree, the Zeutschel ScanStudio scanner offers an all-in-one cultural heritage and photo studio digitization system that is capable of capturing up to FADGI 4-star quality images for diverse collections and media types. Easy to use and productive for libraries, archives and museums, this scanner is proven to be a highly efficient scan system for over-sized plat maps, prints, rare books and book fold-outs, including transmissive materials. The flexible LED lighting system ensures shadow and glare-free results.


2024 MLA 5 year Mekel Technology MACH-Series Microfilm Scanner. A five-year Platinum and one-year Gold honoree, the Mekel MACH-Series Microfilm Scanner is the world’s first production-level microfilm capture system and industry standard for libraries, archives and other recordkeeping institutions. The QuantumScan and QuantumProcess software ensures fast and accurate image capture with easy editing, eliminating the need for rescans and simplifying the digitization process from job set-up to final image output. As on judge notes, “I have experience with personally using other scanners made by competitors for use in microfilm and microfiche digitization. By far The Crowley Company’s Mekel MACH-Series Microfilm scanners plus the related QuantumScan and QuantumProcess software are the most intuitive and easy to use.” The Mekel MACH-Series Microfilm Scanner offers the highest efficiency combination of FADGI-capable image quality and speed – capturing 700 images or more per minute.

2024 Gold MLA Crowley UScan+-Series Universal Film Scanner. A two-year Platinum, one-year Silver and two-year Gold honoree, the UScan+-Series Universal Film Scanner is ideal for libraries, museums, universities, archives and other organizations looking for an easy-to-use and multi-use functionality of four scanners in one. The UScan+ Advanced the latest iteration in the series incorporates a new 20 MP high resolution camera, advanced electronics and software advancements to facilitate better image quality, speed and forty percent faster batch scanning capabilities. This scanner is an ideal replacement for outdated microfilm reader/printers or as an updated digital solution for self-service public research or back-office microform conversions.

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The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital scanning technologies manufacture and resale. They provide extensive digital document and film conversion services to the library, academic, publishing, commercial, government and archive sectors. The firm has three locations in Frederick, Maryland, San Dimas, California and Basingstoke, UK.

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About the Modern Library Awards program

The Modern Library Awards (MLAs) is a review program designed to recognize elite products and services in the market which can help library management personnel enhance the quality of experience for the library user and increase the performance of their library systems.