...92,000 rolls of film held approximately 230 million images. At an average of 30 keystrokes per image our Imagehost solution avoided the necessity to pay for 6900 million keystrokes!

Hayley Kilmurry, Genus, a longtime Wicks and Wilson and Crowley brand distributor in the UK

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IMAGEhost Image Retrieval System

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Web-based access to microfilm and microfiche collections from any device

IMAGEhost is The Crowley Company’s innovative software and image hosting platform that allows users to easily access scanned microfilm rolls or microfiche sheets in their original format. Using any internet-connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, IMAGEhost is the key to digital image accessibility from any location.

Make the physical world digitally accessible – from anywhere.

Using the industry-leading Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson capture expertise, IMAGEhost allows owners of images scanned with QuantumScan or Virtual Scanstation software to view, print, save or send images from their workstation, home or on the road. It’s no longer necessary to be on-premise to view microfilm or microfiche images that are crucial for research, operations or other functions.

Your host or ours? Cost-effective options for microfilm image hosting

Working from three key components – access to image repositories, an indexed database and the IMAGEhost operating program – IMAGEhost maximizes initial capture investment by offering password-protected full image exposure to any network, client or patron base.

IMAGEhost is offered as either a host-and-share platform or as a software package that can integrate seamlessly into an existing infrastructure, maximizing the time-to-use solution.

For detailed information, visit the IMAGEhost portal or contact us today to discuss options for your collection or schedule a demo to learn more about this digitization service.


  • Flexibility: Offers immediate access to images in their original form across single or multiple rolls of microfilm or microfiche sheets
  • Ease of Use: Boasting an intuitive interface with simple operational, editing and saving commands, IMAGEhost works at the touch of a screen, the stroke of a keyboard or the click of a mouse.
  • Cost-saving Benefits
    • Initial scanning. Scanning media in its original format eliminates post-processing time and costs while retaining high image quality.
    • Hosting. Save the cost of building a complicated in-house infrastructure.
    • Material preservation. As originals are no longer subject to frequent handling, the reduced wear-and-tear can help ensure the media’s integrity.
    • Reduced man-hours. No need to manually locate and transport film to a reader-printer, end-users save time and money through OCR text searchability.
  • Multi-device Retrieval: Users can access images across multiple devices, including traditional PC’s, laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones.
  • Searchable Text (OCR): In addition to traditional play and rewind functions, IMAGEhost offers advanced OCR to make finding images a quick and efficient process

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