At MSA, we believe we are in the forefront of digitizing records and making them available online. We have over 300,000 rolls of microfilm. We…switched to the Mekel scanners several years ago because they could handle all our requirements, especially duplex film in cine mode. We have found the throughput better and our quality control process improved with the Quantum processing software.

Timothy Baker, Acting State Archivist, Maryland State Archives

Microfilm Scanners and Products

Icon of a piggy bank - The Crowley Company offers a number of microfilm scanners and products, including microfiche readers and microfilm readers.
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Microfilm in its different forms is often referred to as microform – indicating that the media is film-based, but not necessarily in strip form. The Crowley Company manufactures and resells microfilm scanners and products for the digitization of all types of microform — microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards — and provides a number of micrographic products for the capture, creation and duplication of microfilm (such as readers for microfilm and microfiche readers, as well as dual microfilm/microfiche readers). Read FAQs on digitization products and software.

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Microfilm Scanners and Products

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The Crowley Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of microfilm scanners and products (including microfiche readers, microfilm readers, and dual microfilm/microfiche readers) to fit any volume, budget and collection material. Manufactured brands include Crowley and Mekel Technology.