The Crowley Company Introduces the StillShot Film Copy Stand for Archival Film Digitization

The StillShot offers reprographic professionals and archival institutions a flexible and adaptable way to capture the most common film formats.

Frederick, Md. Today, on April 8, Patrick Crowley, president of The Crowley Company (Crowley), a worldwide leader and award-winning digitization products and services company, announces the official release of the Crowley StillShot Film Copy Stand.

Crowley comments, “We understand that archive professionals prefer to work with the tools, sensors, lenses and software they favor to capture still media such as 35 mm film strips, 35 mm slides or 120 medium format film. With the StillShot, we can offer them a simple and flexible solution that they can customize with their preferred equipment.”

Evolution of the StillShot

StillShot shown being used in Crowley's Digitization Service Bureau
StillShot shown being used in Crowley’s Digitization Service Bureau

Since 2010, The Crowley Company has been custom-building camera stands internally to complete specific projects, such as Time Inc.’s LIFE Magazine Archives project, within our Library Works Modern Library Award-winning Digitization Service bureau. The film copy stand has continued to evolve over the last ten years through multiple generations and variations depending on the needs of the customer, improve process workflow and create good-quality images.

The Crowley Company stands by our motto – We make it. We use it. You Benefit.  Like all products we sell, we use the StillShot Film Copy Stand in our bureau daily to capture millions of images. We have incorporated all the key lessons and learnings from its predecessors into this stand.

“In 2023, it made perfect sense to create a more flexible and portable version that we could test and utilize in-house and know that it works well, then be able to offer it to our customers to make digitization easier for them”, states Crowley.

Today, the StillShot Film Copy Stand caters to the requirements of archival film digitization and showcases a sturdy frame, user-friendly and ergonomic design with advanced features.

StillShot Film Copy Stand Features

The StillShot is customizable and reliable to ensure optimal image capture with exceptional quality. The design is a modular system to plug and play one of three film mounts to capture several types of materials (35 mm film strips, 35 mm slides and medium format film strips) and allows the customer to add any preferred camera of their choice.

StillShot Film Copy Stand
StillShot Film Copy Stand

The base unit features include:

  • Modular and sturdy design: Enhanced customizable imaging setups to meet specific project requirements.
  • Archival light source: The high-quality remote phosphor light source reduces overheating risks to temperature sensitive film.
  • Quick release camera mounts: Fast and secure camera attachments for three different types of film.
  • Micro-adjustment controls: Precise alignment, focus and lighting for optimal image capture.
  • Built-in vibration dampening: Minimize vibrations and ensure stable imaging with long exposures.
  • Compatibility: The design accommodates a wide range of cameras (e.g. medium format, DSLR or mirrorless)

“The StillShot is sturdy and easy to use. Each of the three film holders has a clever design and can get the film to lay completely flat while not having anything on top of it, which is perfect when digitizing to customer standards”, comments, Allison Cook, The Crowley Company’s photo project manager.

The Crowley Company is demonstrating the StillShot Film Copy Stand at various trade shows in 2024 starting with the MARAC Spring 2024 Symposium on April 8 in Philadelphia and Archiving2024 on April 10-11 in Washington, D.C.

For more information on the StillShot, visit the product page on The Crowley Company website or request a free demo for a future date.


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