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Cheers to 40 Years!

On Saturday, February 1st, The Crowley Company (Crowley) marked its 40th anniversary since incorporation. I think our founder, Jerry Crowley, would be quite proud – and perhaps a little surprised – at how the company has evolved over the decades. From a one-man basement operation in Maryland to a 100+-team, three-location international company, the staff and geography are just two indications of the changes we’ve seen over the years. In many respects, technology has advanced over these 40 years in ways only imagined…

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On Father’s Day: Jerry Crowley

The upcoming Father’s Day weekend seemed like a good reason to find out more about Jerry Crowley, the founder of Crowley Micrographics (now The Crowley Company). I spent a few minutes with his middle sons, Christopher and Pat, and heard stories amusing, pragmatic and wildly politically incorrect. All of which I found intriguing (and only some of which you’ll read about). “My Dad was what you would call honest to a fault,” says Christopher, now company president. “He gave honesty…

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