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Happy (T)Hanksgiving, Part Six

Aw, just look at our sweet Hank. In November 2013, Cassie Hahn, an 11-year veteran of the Crowley administrative team, brought in her roly-poly English bulldog pup with more wrinkles than a linen suit on a hot day. The short little legs of this irresistible bundle of fur could barely support his king-sized head and the Maryland office immediately fell in love. Hank inspired our very first “Hanksgiving” post and for the sixth year, the tradition continues. Like Hank, Crowley…

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Happy Hanksgiving, Part Five

Five years ago this month, Cassie Hahn, our Crowley technical support administrator, introduced us to her English bulldog, Hank. At just eight weeks old, this ball of walking wrinkles could barely hold up his head or keep his eyes open and became the impetus for our very first “Hanksgiving” blog post. Today, Hank – via the wonder of digital photography (because he’s just too darn big to drag into the office) – is still the Crowley Thanksgiving emblem, giving ol’ Tom…

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Happy Hanksgiving, part three

The past two Thanksgiving holiday blogs have featured Hank, a handsome English Bulldog belonging to Crowley’s technical support administrator, Cassie Hahn. As a puppy (left), we thought we was adorable and used him as our Thanksgiving model (thus, “Hanksgiving“). Last year (right), we brought him back for an encore performance, not realizing that while he had retained his irresistible wrinkles, he’d also gained 50 lbs and a penchant for flatulence. Putting him on a scanner was decidedly NOT a good…

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Happy Hanksgiving, Part Two

Last year we featured eight-week-old Hank, an English bulldog who belongs to Crowley’s technical support admin, Cassie, in our Thanksgiving blog. His days of product modeling on the product are long gone thanks to his 40+ pound growth spurt but he was able to make the office rounds, once again reminding us that we have many blessings to count. We’re thankful for growth. Hank has obviously experienced a lot of personal growth over the past year and his came with…

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