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Large-Format Scanning, Bound Book and Newspaper Scanning

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2024 Platinum Multi-Year Award
Crowley’s Digitization Services is a multi-year Platinum Modern Library Award winner.

large-format scanners for large-format scanning, Newspaper and Book Scanning ServicesBound books. Oversize documents. Bound and loose newspapers. Maps. Engineering drawings. No matter the size or binding, Crowley’s Digitization Services division has long been an industry leader in large-format scanners and large-format scanning services, digitizing everything from incunabula (printed materials pre-dating 1501) to deed books, from original manuscript scanning to scanning Presidential papers. Using only equipment of the highest technology and practicing the most careful document handling procedures, Crowley’s Digitization Services division partners with clients to preserve historic, corporate and culturally significant collections through proven large-format scanning procedures.

Expertise with Large-Format Scanners
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  • With its Frederick service bureau as the largest known book scanning facility in the United States, Crowley’s Digitization Services Bureau is primarily outfitted with  Zeutschel brand book scanners
  • Zeutschel-engineered scanners, in use by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration among many other prestigious institutions worldwide, allow for imaging of the smallest bound book to oversize books and newspapers with an open dimension of up to 33” x 47”.  Large-format scanners facilitate the processing of these needs. Responsive book cradles ensure that bindings are protected as the cradle gives way to the weight of the binding.
  • The distinctive ability to deliver oversized book scanning services also provides Crowley’s Digitization Services division the avenue to easily digitize bound and loose newspapers, engineering drawings, maps, deed books and other large-format material that might require overhead scanning to either protect or capture
  • Critical to the success of specific digitization projects, several of the Zeutschel scanner models have been designed to consistently meet FADGI 3- and 4-star ratings
  • Crowley scan operators are trained in material handling and preservation techniques, ensuring that each valuable collection is returned in the same condition in which it was received
  • Low staff turnover assures that client material receives the best care – and the most experience – available
  • Project management staff communicates with each customer to ensure a thorough understanding of the existing condition of the collection to create a solution that will deliver a quality product in a timely fashion at a competitive price.
Image Integration

The Crowley programming staff has proven experience in managing data conversions of all media. This expertise allows for final output integration into a wide array of software and custom solutions for image access. Whether collection digitization is for internal, external or for web distribution, Crowley has the large-format scanning capabilities to provide the needed solution to integrate digitized images into a workflow.

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