Crowley was selected because of their advanced photo-digitizing solutions, long history of providing quality workmanship in a high-volume scanning environment and their expertise with the handling of digital imagery and numerous types of analog photographic media.

Andy Blau, President, LIFE inc.

Graphic Arts Scanning and Conversion

Photo Digitization from Film and Reflective Prints

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2024 Platinum Multi-Year Award
Crowley’s Digitization Services is a multi-year Platinum Modern Library Award winner.

Graphic Arts Scanning The Crowley Company provides high-quality film and reflective print reformatting services for the digitization and archiving of large-volume photographic collections. With decades of experience, Crowley’s digitizing services represent the largest photographic film and print scanning capabilities in the industry with a throughput capacity of thousands of images per day.

Get high-quality digital images from:
  • Black and white photographs
  • Color photographs
  • 35mm and 120mm film, negatives and slides
  • 4×5” through 8×10” films and reflective prints
  • Line art up to 34×48” in size
  • Glass plates
  • Daguerreotypes
  • Tintypes
  • Ambrotypes

Crowley’s Digitization Services division utilizes a wide variety of commercial and custom equipment, including Durst Sigma Series scanners, Epson and Widetek flatbed scanners, the cutting-edge Zeutschel ScanStudio system and custom Digital Transitions and other brand-name overhead digital cameras and graphic arts scanners. Depending on the original medium, equipment is often modified by Crowley’s in-house engineering team to produce optimal results for both efficiency and image quality – all to provide the best value for end-product. One such example occurred during the digitization of nearly 10 million photographic images for the Life Photo Archive.

A custom workflow application allows Crowley to track multiple media types throughout the check-in, preparation, scanning, metadata entry and quality control processes – essential to collections that contain various formats of media. Clients find that Crowley’s total conversion solution produces results worthy of the original collection.

System Implementation

Crowley programmers have proven experience in working with clients to ensure that image file output can integrate into the wide array of image access solutions, partnering on custom solutions when needed. Whether image access needs are internal, external or for web distribution, Crowley can help to integrate digitized collections into any workflow.

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