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Determining the Best Method for Scanning Bound Materials

We’ve addressed the issue of book scanning methods in a previous blog, however the information bears repeating. Books are still one of the world’s most popular methods of information recording, but paper (or even in its earliest forms, papyrus or rice paper) is not the most resilient of materials. It is for this reason that digitization is essential to extending the lifespan of the precious words and images held within their covers. The options for scanning bound materials are numerous and…

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Crowley Digitizes 15 Volumes from the Mount Vernon Historical Collection

    As we celebrate President’s Day this week, we look back to the one who started it all; George Washington. The man who led our troops to victory in the Revolutionary war and helped shape 13 orphaned colonies into the United States of America. His ideals contributed to the foundation of the Constitution and have stood as a moral benchmark for the evolution of the country. Over two centuries after his death, we are now able to celebrate his…

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Choosing the Right Book Scanning Method

  Qidenus book scanners are known for their angled book cradles and robotic page-turning system.   The unique cradle design and lighting system has recently been integrated into a manual book   scanner, as well as a semi-automatic scanner. Books are one of the oldest and most enduring forms of communication and keepsakes of cultural tradition. Whether they contain fiction, history, how-to guides or clerical information and whether they are kept in a library, archive, records room or other repository,…

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