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Innovating Tradition: Belmont University’s Special Collections Digitization

Belmont University Scans School and Alumni History using the Zeutschel OS C Book Scanner Established in 1890 in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Belmont University began providing women with not just an education but a platform for cultural, intellectual and social development. In doing so, the university set what would become its legacy for innovation and embracing change. The university’s latest step towards technological innovation — the purchase of a Zeutschel OS C overhead book scanner — both advances the…

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Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Book Scanner

Zeutschel White Paper Offers Technical Considerations for Book Scanner Purchasers From choosing the right book scanning method to choosing the right book scanner, The Crowley Company’s blog posts have covered multiple options for bound media capture. Thanks to a recent white paper written by Zeutschel GmbH technical director, Volker Jansen, prospects can round out their purchasing knowledge with some technical points to bear in mind. Jansen’s full white paper, “Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Book Scanner,” is…

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New Year, New Resolutions: Goals for Growth in 2015

At The Crowley Company, when we think of resolutions, we usually think about image resolution. Megapixels, DPI, true optical vs. interpolated resolution, we could write an entire blog about it (oh wait, we did) but that’s not the topic this week. Instead, we’re thinking about the changes 2015 may bring and the steps we’ll take to grow the Crowley brand and build upon the success of the past 35 years. So on that note, here are several resolutions we’ve set for…

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Can We Get a Resolution? Taking a Closer Look at Image Quality and DPI

Last week, in our blog, “Can We Get A Resolution? The mystery of the “right” DPI/PPI,” we explored the question, “What is the Right dpi/ppi?” The bottom line is that dpi/ppi is not “one size fits all.”  As Christopher Crowley, our company president noted, “the right dpi/ppi is really a balancing act between the expected end use of the file (archival vs. non), the cost of file storage, the cost of bandwidth to share/transmit files, the cost of equipment to…

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Can We Get a Resolution? The mystery of the “right” DPI/PPI.

In our previous blog, we spoke about the continued importance of microfilm in the battle to preserve our most important documents, books and other archives and records. Now we’ll focus on another facet of the preservation equation: resolution.  Specifically, “What is the Right DPI/PPI?” To be fair, you won’t find a definitive or unanimous answer anywhere. However, we’ve recently read an excellent blogpost by The United States Library of Congress (LOC), which got us to thinking about our own experiences…

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