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Preserving History through Newspaper Digitization, Part Two

Last week, in the first part of our two-part blog mini-series, “Preserving History through Newspaper Digitization,” we outlined the importance of digitization to the preservation of our nation’s rich history. This week, we are going to take a closer look at newspaper digitization and, more specifically, the digitization of the Carroll County Times, a conversion service project completed by Crowley Imaging. Since its inception, Crowley Imaging has scanned between five and 10 million newspaper images with some of the originals…

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Preserving History through Newspaper Digitization, Part One

  For years, the spoken word was the primary method with which people conveyed thoughts and ideas, did business, and broadcasted the day’s events.  This system was not extremely efficient or particularly accurate. It could take quite some time for news to travel and, often the day’s news would change from its inception throughout its travels. Remember playing the game “Telephone” as a child? As history evolved oral tradition gave way to the written language. Scribes, historians and those with an…

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