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Who Runs the World? Junior League of Washington Preserves 107 Years of Women’s History

Care Through Action, Junior League of Washington Preserves Women’s History I’ve been stealing my older sister’s belongings since birth. From clothes to shoes, ideas to dance moves, I “borrowed” everything from my forgiving (and often oblivious) sibling. Little did I know that a mindless pilfering of a book titled “Extraordinary Women in History” in my early years would introduce me to Eleanor Roosevelt, my lifelong idol. Eleanor’s passion to better the lives of Americans both as a First Lady and…

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Typefaces, Animal Rights and the “It” Girl: Wells College Archives Span Art, Humanities and Politics

October is American Archives Month, a celebration of America’s history and the archivists, organizations and physical buildings that keep them safe and available to the world at large. Each week this month we’ll highlight a facet of how The Crowley Company partners with archivists and historians to help preserve and share American archives.   I recently spoke with Tiffany Raymond, archivist and reference and instruction librarian at Wells College’s Louis Jefferson Long Library. Located in Aurora, New York, the library…

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Crowley Digitizes 15 Volumes from the Mount Vernon Historical Collection

    As we celebrate President’s Day this week, we look back to the one who started it all; George Washington. The man who led our troops to victory in the Revolutionary war and helped shape 13 orphaned colonies into the United States of America. His ideals contributed to the foundation of the Constitution and have stood as a moral benchmark for the evolution of the country. Over two centuries after his death, we are now able to celebrate his…

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