…we created a team that ultimately created digital access to important Holocaust diaspora archives for scholars and individuals around the world.

Fran O’Donnell, Curator of Manuscripts and Archives, Andover-Harvard Theological Library

Digitizing the Rare and Fragile

Crowley’s Archival Preservation Scanning Services

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Scanning and Digitizing the Rare and Fragile
Photo credit: Jacques Seligmann & Co. Records/From the collections of the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Since its inception, Crowley’s Digitization Services has worked diligently and successfully to earn the respect of renowned archivists and archive institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Crowley professionals have honed the skills needed to carefully transport, catalog, digitize/process and return countless rare and valuable collections large and small, public and private.

Key features of Crowley archival preservation services include:

  • A reputation for delivering high-quality images on time and on budget while maintaining the integrity of the original material
  • Image quality parameters include the ability to consistently meet FADGI 3- and 4-star ratings
  • Experience in managing fragile, rare and one-of-a-kind materials including: loose papers; bound books, records and newspapers; maps and drawings; and large-format materials
  • The ability to provide digital files in the format best suited for the desired end-use of the collection’s electronic images
  • The largest number of premier planetary book scanning equipment in a single setting. This enables:
    • the ability to offer the highest dpi and image quality available. including FADGI- and other imaging standard-rated images
    • the non-destruction of book bindings
    • the ability to efficiently digitize large volumes of work
  • The ability to mobilize a scanning operation on-site if materials cannot leave their permanent location
  • Adherence to all contract standards (at a minimum)
  • The ability to self-transport a collection from point to point or the experience of working with third-party carriers such as professional art movers, storage facilities and commercial carriers
  • A dedicated manifest system that allows for strong communication between the client and the service bureau regarding the condition of materials received and the constant tracking of materials

For more details, peruse these digitization services project blogs.

2024 Platinum Multi-Year AwardSystem Implementation

The Crowley programming staff has proven experience in managing data conversions and a high level of expertise in archive scanners. This expertise allows for final output integration into the wide array of document management solutions on the market today or into a custom solution engineered for a specific business application. Whether the needs are internal, external or for web distribution, Crowley can provide the needed solution to integrate digitized images into a workflow.


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