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EDMS and ECM: Records Management and Access Made Easy

UPDATE: As of May 2021, The Crowley Company is an Laserfiche Solutions Provider and offers their full line of solutions to manage, retain and organize digital records. Visit Crowley’s Laserfiche page to learn more about the Laserfiche software, its benefits and read client studies.  Over the past year, one of the most popular topics our website visitors have searched for has been digitizing records for integration into an electronic document management system (EDMS) or electronic content management (ECM) system. Records…

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My ARMA Experience

I’m on my way home from the 2014 ARMA Conference in San Diego and have a chance to reflect on the past few days. The pause is thanks to a two-hour delay caused first by last night’s “bird strike” and then by this morning’s leaking left engine. I could have used the extra hours of sleep, but I’m okay with fixing problems on the ground (sure beats the alternative). And speaking of fixing problems on the ground… They Just Make…

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From Scanning to Salmon: Installing an InoTec in Alaska

In April, we discussed technical support services and celebrated the 50th state milestone of Crowley technician Steve Sheckels. Today, we take a look into the life of another Sheckels brother, Kris. You may remember Kris as the imaging specialist who scanned the Rosenberg diary under armed guard. Now a Crowley Imaging service bureau project manager, Kris used to also be a traveling technician. This past week, he took a step into his past life and flew cross-country to Bethel, Alaska…

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