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Business as Usual in an Unusual World

Whether you’re on the “abundance of caution” or the “this is crazy town” ends of the spectrum, the fact is that for the immediate future the COVID-19 virus infection has interrupted and changed every facet of our lives. We are alternately soothed or assaulted by the wealth – or dearth – of information and its many sources. At Crowley, our plan is to put one foot in front of the other as it is safe to do so. We know…

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Parts & Microfilm: The Fourth Piece of Crowley’s 360⁰ Solution

            We previously wrote a blog post about Crowley’s technical support services – the third of our four solution categories. Our intention was to quickly follow with the fourth category, parts and microfilm, but developing our new website took priority. Now that we’ve launched the new site (take a peek!),  we’re on track to delve into this often overlooked, yet vital, piece of the pie. Parts Crowley’s international network of partners and our own extensive manufacturing capabilities…

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Road Scanner, part one

(Introduction written by Debbie Harris, Crowley’s director of technical services) It is rare when a big box scanner moves from one location to another on a regular basis. And by “big box,” I mean BIG box…in this case 575 crated pounds of overhead large-format scanner. It is even rarer when it’s the client who is doing the moving. When Chris Irelan of Overland Conversion set out to digitize books and documents, he meant it literally. So, in cooperation with The Crowley…

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From Scanning to Salmon: Installing an InoTec in Alaska

In April, we discussed technical support services and celebrated the 50th state milestone of Crowley technician Steve Sheckels. Today, we take a look into the life of another Sheckels brother, Kris. You may remember Kris as the imaging specialist who scanned the Rosenberg diary under armed guard. Now a Crowley Imaging service bureau project manager, Kris used to also be a traveling technician. This past week, he took a step into his past life and flew cross-country to Bethel, Alaska…

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Technical Support – The Third Slice of Crowley’s 360⁰ Solution

We recently wrote about one of our senior technicians, Steve Sheckels. The blog documented the highlights of his six years (and counting) with Crowley Support and his recollections upon visiting his 50th state while on the job. As a natural follow-up, this blog will shine some light on the capabilities of our entire technical support team. What many clients don’t know is that Crowley customer services don’t stop at scanning equipment and imaging services. We also offer technical support along…

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Crowley’s Traveling Technician

On March 26th, Steve Sheckels, a Crowley field service engineer, accomplished a pretty impressive milestone: he visited his 50th United State in the course of doing business. Steve’s a talented technician and instructor and has traveled the U.S. and beyond performing scanner and imaging equipment installations, training and – happily, far less frequently – repairs.  On the heels of his personal Facebook post recognizing this achievement, we asked him to pull together some of the highlights of his travels. Here’s…

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