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My ARMA Experience

I’m on my way home from the 2014 ARMA Conference in San Diego and have a chance to reflect on the past few days. The pause is thanks to a two-hour delay caused first by last night’s “bird strike” and then by this morning’s leaking left engine. I could have used the extra hours of sleep, but I’m okay with fixing problems on the ground (sure beats the alternative). And speaking of fixing problems on the ground… They Just Make…

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Split-Coast Debut: Unveiling the InoTec 8X1 Across the U.S.

October is officially here and we are just a few short weeks away from the U.S. debut of the InoTec SCAMAX 8×1-series ultra high-performance document scanner. After making its first appearance at CeBIT in Germany, InoTec’s home country, the 8×1-series is now making its way to the U.S. As InoTec’s exclusive North American distributor, we want to give our continent a proper introduction to the 8×1, so we are planning not one, but two debut events. Why the Hype? The…

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Anticipating ARMA

The InoTec SCAMAX 8×1 Debuts At Crowley, we can’t wait for October 25th. That’s the day we get our hands on the SCAMAX® 8×1 Ultra High-Performance Document Scanner and get to dig in deep. “I’ve always been impressed with the throughput and sorting of the InoTec document scanners, especially the 400-series,” says Crowley Vice President Matt McCabe. “But I operated the 8×1 in Germany earlier this year and cannot wait to bring it to the North American market. It’s an incredible…

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