At the risk of reproducing every cliché in the book about German manufacturing, there is little question that InoTec’s SCAMAX devices are designed and built to take everything that the modern capture environment could throw at them, and more. These are serious scanners for serious scanning operations.

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InoTec High-Volume Paper Document Scanners

2023 Document Manager Awards Imaging Product of the Year
The InoTec SCAMAX® 3×1 was voted Imaging Product of the Year at the Document Manager 2023 Awards (Workgroup/Departmental category) and runner-up for “One to Watch: Product.”
The InoTec SCAMAX® 6×1 has achieved excellent results in the renowned Buyers Lab Test by Keypoint Intelligence. It was awarded the coveted “Highly Recommended” and “Highly Reliable” certificates, among others

InoTec Offers Complex Document Scanning Technology for Today’s Digitization Needs

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Intuitive. Efficient. Cutting-edge. InoTec high-volume scanners are designed to meet your records management and document archive scanning needs with ease and elegance.

Efficient High-volume Scanning Requires Premier High-volume Scanners.

The InoTec 300- and 600-Series model scanners are proven to capture FADGI three-star compliant images. Click to learn more about FADGI standards.

Quickly gaining North American market share, the German-engineered InoTec high-speed SCAMAX® document scanners offer speed, a big return on investment and nominal maintenance requirements. In high-volume paper environments, today’s digitizing workflow management requires InoTec’s combination of complex document scanning technology and operator simplicity…turning a search for information from hours into minutes. InoTec high-volume scanners get the job done quickly.

InoTec Key Features:

      • NoSCRATCH glass guide
      • Document sorting at full scan speed
      • USB 3.0 (socket type B) interface
      • Integrated touchscreen panel
      • Upgrade for performance on-site at any time
      • High image quality – 300- and 600-Series are FADGI 3 star and ISO 19264 capable
      • Excellent throughput speed for high-volume scanning
      • Ability to feed less-than-perfect documents (bent, torn, etc.)

These features make the operation of InoTec scanners incredibly intuitive to operate. No more jams due to slightly bent documents; no more complex and outdated operative controls. InoTec scanners enable easy production-level scanning with image quality that captures output in high-integrity detail.


InoTec document scanners come equipped with TWAIN™ and ISIS® drivers, enabling them to function seamlessly with a wide range of software such as Scamax® scan+, Kodak Capture Pro, and Tungsten Automation (formally Kofax) software. This ensures an elevated level of efficiency and easy maintenance. So, why settle for just an industry-leading scanner when you can have an industry-leading scanner with exceptional software? Choose InoTec for the complete package.

Choose Reliable High-volume Scanning with InoTec Document Scanners

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