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Student Records ScanningNearly all academic institutions – from educational daycare centers to universities – are required to keep various types of student and faculty records. The necessary records for each institution to keep are increasing rapidly, putting added pressure on school staff to maintain filings, fulfill records requests and meet Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) privacy protection laws.

The Crowley Company’s award-winning scanning services and hardware offer an effective solution for capturing educational records. Through digitization, your institution can save staff time, reduce storage requirements, ensure privacy compliance and provide long-term digital preservation for all back-office academic records scanning needs.

Benefits of Student Records Scanning

  • Save Time. Rather than searching through cabinets and folders for a record, digitized images provide a faster, easily-searchable way to locate specific documents. Increase productivity by quickly executing records requests!
  • Reduce Physical Storage Needs. Digital records can eliminate the need for costly storage measures or liberate valuable in-school space by taking collections from the physical to the digital realm.
  • Ensure Compliance. Records collections scanned by The Crowley Company can be encrypted to ensure the information they contain are secure and in compliance with FERPA standards. Crowley offers secure scanning services as well to protect collection and information security at every step of the capture process.
  • Prevent Information Loss. Digitization safeguards education records from loss due to media deterioration, natural disaster or other tragedy.

Timely, Experienced and Secure Student Records Scanning Services 

Digitization Services

2022 Modern Library Awards SERVICE OF THE YEAR

Since 1980, The Crowley Company has provided digitization services for faculty and student records collections, including:

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Production Microform Scanners          

MACH10 and MACH Mini Film

MACH Microfilm Scanners

  • Scans 16/35 mm microfilm in 100′, 200′ or 1000′ rolls*
  • Scan speeds of under three minutes per 100′ roll*
  • Comprehensive capture and processing software
  • FADGI-capable* and IMAGEhost compatible

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MACH7 and MACH Mini Fiche Scanners

MACH Microfiche Scanners

  • Scans 200+ microfiche images per minute*
  • Compatible with all microfiche and standard aperture card types, including COM
  • Two-camera system locates images before scanning to ensure 100% image capture
  • FADGI-capable* and IMAGEhost compatible

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IMagehost image hosting platform

IMAGEhost Digital Image Hosting Platform

  • Cost-efficient platform for viewing microfilm and microfiche collection images
  • Displays collections in their original format
  • Accessed via a user-friendly platform with editing, saving and sharing capabilities

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Rotary and Overhead Document Scanners  

Avision Mid- to Low-volume Paper Scanners

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InoTec High-volume Rotary Scanners

  • High-speed capture (600+ pages per minute*)
  • Captures up to A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 in)
  • Robust design, minimal required maintenance
  • Comprehensive capture and processing software

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Zeutschel Large-format Planetary Scanners

  • Ideal for capturing oversized paper originals
  • Captures up to A0-size material
  • FADGI-capable scanner models
  • Comprehensive capture and processing software

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*Depending on model

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