Capturing all of this information at registration was cumbersome and Life Healthcare wanted to speed up the process while still guaranteeing that the data was captured accurately. In addition, there was not a great deal of space in the hospital’s registration areas so any equipment procured had to be compact.

Avision for Life Healthcare case study

Avision High-Speed Document Scanners

Affordable Personal or Professional Scanning Equipment

High-Speed Document Scanners Offer Quality, Efficiency, and
Dependability for Your Scanning Needs

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  • 10-30 pages per minute
  • 20-60 images per minute
  • MAC and PC compatible

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  • 40-50 pages per minute
  • 80-100 images per minute
  • MAC and PC compatible

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  • 65-130 pages per minute
  • 130-260 images per minute
  • MAC and PC compatible

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Why We Offer Avision

The Crowley Company has selected Avision scanners as a strong balance to our line of production-level InoTec document scanners. High in image and construction quality, these sheetfed and flatbed document scanners provide an affordable option to those seeking to digitize documents and bound books for personal or professional use. Founded in 1991, the company prides itself on providing scanners that are simple to use, competitively priced and which offer a low cost of ownership.

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All Avision document scanners are compatible with the following. Any additional compatibilities are noted in the specific scanner brochures, available below.

Document Scanning Compatibilities

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