Happy Hanksgiving, part three

The past two Thanksgiving holiday blogs have featured Hank, a handsome English Bulldog belonging to Crowley’s technical support administrator, Cassie Hahn.

Hank checks out the MACH5 microfilm scanner, 2013
Hank checks out the MACH5 microfilm scanner, 2013

As a puppy (left), we thought we was adorable and used him as our Thanksgiving model (thus, “Hanksgiving“).

By 2014, Hank was nearly able to operate the Zeutschel zeta book copy system

Last year (right), we brought him back for an encore performance, not realizing that while he had retained his irresistible wrinkles, he’d also gained 50 lbs and a penchant for flatulence. Putting him on a scanner was decidedly NOT a good idea.

This year, Hank is out on maternity leave, reminding us that a year can bring a lot of changes and to be grateful for all that life brings our way personally and professionally. With that in mind, we wish you each a very happy (T)hanksgiving and extend our gratitude for the continued loyalty and support that allows us to continue to do what we love – protect and preserve your records and treasures for generations to come.

Landon, Hank, Holden and Kimber
Landon, Hank, Holden and Kimber

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