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Scanners Save Lives

Slightly misleading headline, but 100 percent true: in this case, though, it’s not the hardware but the professionals who run them that made a difference. On Monday, February 1st, twenty three staff members from St. John Properties’ Westview Business Park in Frederick, MD – 12 of them from The Crowley Company – participated in a Red Cross Blood Drive coordinated by volunteer (and Crowley relative) Kathleen Crowley. “I’ve been volunteering with the Red Cross for about 30 years,” explains Crowley, “and…

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On Father’s Day: Jerry Crowley

The upcoming Father’s Day weekend seemed like a good reason to find out more about Jerry Crowley, the founder of Crowley Micrographics (now The Crowley Company). I spent a few minutes with his middle sons, Christopher and Pat, and heard stories amusing, pragmatic and wildly politically incorrect. All of which I found intriguing (and only some of which you’ll read about). “My Dad was what you would call honest to a fault,” says Christopher, now company president. “He gave honesty and…

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The Crowley Company Year in Review

In a year that has seen very little, if any, breathing room, we’re making ourselves stop and smell the poinsettias and look back before we rush headlong into 2014. Take a look at what made our top 10 list this year (in no particular order as they each serve to make the whole): We’re blogging (obviously). We’ve always had some great stories to tell and this year we took the plunge and made the commitment to share news weekly. The feedback…

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