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Massive Microfilm Inventory Underway

Crowley Imaging recently began a year-long project to inventory, barcode and inspect an archival collection of 75 years-worth of government microfilm records located in an underground mine in Pennsylvania. The inventory and inspection process will generate an accurate collection listing of over one million reels of microfilm along with a corresponding barcode database that describes 25 different characteristics of each film reel including the record name, years contained, film types and length of each roll. The resulting information will support…

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Microfilm and the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen

Writing images to microfilm is not an unusual request for Crowley Imaging. It is unusual, however, to get a request to write only 15 images to microfilm. Five times. In two days. From five different people. In five different locations. We asked a few questions, did a little research and found that the request was part of an international scavenger hunt that raises awareness for charity: GISHWHES (aka the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Even Seen).  It is,…

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On Father’s Day: Jerry Crowley

The upcoming Father’s Day weekend seemed like a good reason to find out more about Jerry Crowley, the founder of Crowley Micrographics (now The Crowley Company). I spent a few minutes with his middle sons, Christopher and Pat, and heard stories amusing, pragmatic and wildly politically incorrect. All of which I found intriguing (and only some of which you’ll read about). “My Dad was what you would call honest to a fault,” says Christopher, now company president. “He gave honesty…

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