At MSA, we believe we are in the forefront of digitizing records and making them available online. We have over 300,000 rolls of microfilm. We…switched to the Mekel scanners several years ago because they could handle all our requirements, especially duplex film in cine mode. We have found the throughput better and our quality control process improved with the Quantum processing software.


Timothy Baker, Acting State Archivist, Maryland State Archives

Microfilm Scanners and Products

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Industry-leading Microfilm Scanners and Products

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Whether you’re looking for high-volume, production-level conversion of 16 mm or 35 mm microfilm, archive writing digital files onto long-lasting microfilm rolls or replacing an outdated reader-printer, Crowley has a wide variety of microfilm scanners and products to suit any volume, collection type or budgetary need. Scroll below to browse Crowley’s available hardware for microfilm capture and creation. Read FAQs on digitization products and software.

Scanners and Products for 16 MM Microfilm,
35 MM Microfilm and More

Production Scanners (High-Volume/Backfile)

Designed for non-stop/unattended batch and backfile digitization from all sizes and types of microfilm with a dedicated operator. Extensive capture, editing and post-processing options.

Patron Scanners (Walk-Up)

For simple on-demand single-/multi-image capture or low-volume batch scanning suitable for walk-up or research-focused patron use.

Micrographics Products

Crowley provides a range of products for microfilm creation and duplication, including archive writers, processors and duplicators.

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