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A Call from the Past: Embracing the History and Future of Aperture Card Scanners

It all started when I received a voice message from Walter (Walt) Spicer, a former records management professional from Napa, California. In his short (but informative) message, he told me the story of his patent for a machine which created aperture cards and asked if The Crowley Company (Crowley) could send an aperture card as a memento of his life’s work to pass along to future generations. This interaction sparked the realization that the motivation of Walt’s request paralleled the…

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Parts & Microfilm: The Fourth Piece of Crowley’s 360⁰ Solution

            We previously wrote a blog post about Crowley’s technical support services – the third of our four solution categories. Our intention was to quickly follow with the fourth category, parts and microfilm, but developing our new website took priority. Now that we’ve launched the new site (take a peek!),  we’re on track to delve into this often overlooked, yet vital, piece of the pie. Parts Crowley’s international network of partners and our own extensive manufacturing capabilities…

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