The Crowley Company Taps Genus to Represent Mekel Technology Scanners in UK

Frederick, Md. and Warwickshire, UKThe Crowley Company and Genus, a privately-owned family company formally known as The Microfilm Shop, have taken another step forward in their 30+ year partnership. Both industry leaders in digitization product and digitization service offerings in the US and UK respectively, the two firms have teamed on multiple product offerings for archival, government and corporate customers. Recently, Genus has been granted distribution rights to Crowley’s widely-respected Mekel Technology brand of high-level microfilm and microfiche scanners in the United Kingdom.

Simon Brown, Genus sales manager, notes that “Genus is delighted to be able to add to our range of microfilm-related products with the introduction of the Mekel Technology family of production microfilm and microfiche scanners. Available in the UK and Ireland exclusively through Genus, the Mekel range of production microform scanners offer unparalleled productivity and speed, thereby opening up new and lower-cost opportunities to scan legacy microfilm and microfiche collections.”  In addition to resale, the Genus equipment maintenance team of service engineers has been certified by The Crowley Company, allowing them to fully support the scanners sold, as well as those previously installed in the UK by Crowley.

Matthew McCabe, Crowley vice president of sales and marketing explains, “For decades, the Mekel Technology microfilm scanner line, which has been manufactured by The Crowley Company since 2003, has been available direct from Crowley worldwide with very limited outside distributorship. As the demand for the Mekel brand of microfilm and microfiche scanners has grown due to its impressive speed, high image quality, low maintenance requirements and production-efficient Quantum software suite, it makes good business sense to broaden our reach with trusted partners whom we know will represent the product line well.” McCabe continues, “Crowley and Genus have worked together for decades and have the utmost respect for their ownership and management teams. In just one month, they have shown their commitment to moving the Mekel scanners via several large orders and we know that this is just the beginning of their representation success.”

The product line includes the MACH 5 and MACH 10 microfilm scanners, the MACH 7 microfiche scanner, the MACH Mini microfilm scanner series and QuantumScan and QuantumProcess software. All Mekel Technology microfilm scanners are also compatible with IMAGEhost, an affordable online hosting solution that allows end-users to securely browse, download, save and send microfilm images electronically in a variety of formats.


About The Crowley Company

The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital scanning technologies manufacture and resale and provides an extensive number of digital document and film conversion services to the library, academic, publishing, commercial, government and archive sectors.

About Genus

Genus specializes in the provision of a full range of microfilm products including Fujifilm microfilm for Europe, Middle East and Africa; a UK-manufactured microfilm Diazo; a full range of spools, boxes and chemicals; microfilm production equipment and support for the whole document life-cycle from print, scan, distribution and access to archive. The company’s UK Heritage Scanning Bureau captures a full range of fragile microfilms, documents, photos, negatives and books and sells a full range of book and document scanners.