Using the Zeutschel OS Q, we achieve image results which fulfill, and in some cases even exceed, the highest quality level of the current digitalization standard FADGI, Metamorphoze and ISO 19264.

Jörg Vogler, President of Zeutschel GmbH

A1- and A0-size Overhead Scanners

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Large Format and Archival Scanners

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Much of the world’s archival collections are delicate. Large format/archival overhead scanners can provide powerful capture while ensuring the original media is supported and unharmed. Special cradle systems and gentle lighting set the stage for expert and gentle capture of bound and loose materials of up to A0-size (33.1″ x 46.8″).

The Zeutschel OS Q and ScanStudio book scanners are capable of capturing FADGI star-level images. Looking for more information on FADGI or other image standards? Click here to learn more.

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