Using the Zeutschel OS Q, we achieve image results which fulfill, and in some cases even exceed, the highest quality level of the current digitalization standard FADGI, Metamorphoze and ISO 19264.

Jörg Vogler, President of Zeutschel GmbH

Zeutschel OS Q Overhead
& Large Format Scanners

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Ushering in a new generation of Zeutschel‘s German-engineered archival capture hardware, the OS Q overhead book scanner line enhances the reputable scanning power of its acclaimed predecessor, the OS 14000, with faster scan speeds and new camera technology.

Ideal for books, documents, photographs, large-format scanning, and fragile materials and other flat or bound media, the OS Q overhead book scanners’ flexibility and high-quality scans make it an asset for libraries, archives, museums and others with diverse collections and digitization needs.


  • The OS Q is a Modern Library Platinum award winner.

    QualityA high-powered camera and gentle, illuminating lighting allow images to be captured to the highest of current image quality standards, including FADGI 4-star. For even higher capture quality, check out the OS HQ model which features a Gigapixel camera.

  • ProductivityThe Zeutschel OS Q overhead book scanner series use parallel scanning in both directions to increase production. Multi-thread capabilities allow operators to scan and save images simultaneously. A camera link interface provides quick data transfer between the scanner and PC for additional production speed.
  • FlexibilityThe modular scan systems can utilize interchangeable tables or book cradles to allow for customized digitization depending on specific project or collection requirements.

Looking for even higher image quality and resolution? Check out the OS HQ Overhead Scanner model which features the same flexibility and productivity while using a GigaPixel camera for more advanced capture quality.

  • RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
  • Up to 600 ppi resolution
  • 3.5 second* scan cycle speed
  • Interchangeable book cradle and table options
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Internal image processing with 96 bit depth
  • True RGB capture on each pixel (no color interpolation)
  • Perfect Book – 3D scan technology for perfect book curve correction
  • Optical zoom (optional)
  • Capable of capturing FADGI 4 star-rated, full Metamorfoze and ISO 19624-1 images
  • Q0 model: A0-size (46.8″ x 33.1″ scan area)
  • Q1 model: A1-size (36.4″ x 27.5″ scan area)
  • Q2 model: A2-size (23.4″ x 16.5″ scan area)

*Using 200 ppi resolution at A1 size

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Watch a case study interview with Adam Fisher of Maine State Library on their use of the OS Q cultural heritage scanner.

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