Zeutschel OS HQ Overhead Scanners

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OS HQ Overhead Scanner NOW AVAILABLE!

Zeutschel’s OS Q line of overhead scanners has elevated the possibilities of archival capture beyond what was thought technically possible. The latest models in the OS Q series, the OS HQ overhead scanners, continue to advance upon the already impressive digitization capabilities of other models to fulfill the highest of capture demands.

Zeutschel OS HQ Overhead Scanner

Using a perfect interplay of high-quality technical components, including Zeutschel’s self-developed exclusive Gigapixel camera system based on CMOS technology, the OS HQ is able to exceed the requirements of all common digitization standards including FADGI 4-star, ISO 19264-1 and Metamorfoze even when scanning formats larger than A0 size.

The OS HQ overhead scanner works with a double-sized camera sensor of the other OS Q models, making it ideal for those seeking the very best digital reproduction of books, documents, photographs, artwork, large-format and fragile materials or other flat and bound media.

Scanner Benefits:

  • Unbeatable Image Quality. Utilizing the strong GigaPixel camera and offering a resolution of up to 1000 ppi, the OS HQ is built to capture the finest details of the original media in stunning color accuracy. Through strong, reliable
    The OS Q is a Modern Library Platinum award winner.

    hardware a true digital replica of the originals can be captured and preserved.

  • Flexibility. As a modular system, the OS HQ can utilize a number of interchangeable tables and book holders to create a customized scan system depending on the specific project needs or collection requirements.
  • Productivity. The OS HQ uses parallel scanning (bi-directional scanning) in both directions to maximize production. Multi-thread capabilities allow users to simultaneously scan and save images for further time saving.

  • RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
  • Up to 1000 ppi resolution
  • Interchangeable book cradle and table options
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Internal image processing with 96 bit depth
  • True RGB capture on each pixel (no color interpolation)
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Adjustable LED lighting system for reflection- and shadow-free images
  • Camera Link interface for fastest image transfer
  • Optical zoom
  • Variable lighting times and mechanical aperture settings
  • OmniScan software with 48 bit data output
  • Perfect Book – 3D scan technology for perfect book curve correction
  • Capable of capturing FADGI 4 star-rated, full Metamorfoze and ISO 19624-1 images

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