“Genus has been successfully distributing the Wicks & Wilson range of microfilm scanning products in the UK for over 20 years; we have always found the robust British construction and fast scanning speeds of the 7750/8850 ideal for a production environment. Brochures can be misleading and different microfilm collections can have hugely different quality levels…time and time again the Wicks products have proven to be the fastest and better quality solution for a real world production environment.”

Paul Negus, Managing Director, Genus

Wicks and Wilson
8800-Series Microfilm Scanners

Production Microfilm Scanners for
16mm and 35mm Microfilm Rolls

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Originally designed by Wicks and Wilson and now manufactured by The Crowley Company, the Scanstation 8800 microfilm scanner series features the latest in digitization and image processing technology. The 8800-Series scanners are capable of automatic batch conversions off 35mm or 16mm microfilm and outputting them to high-quality grayscale and bitonal images. Designed specifically for microfilm scanning, the illumination and optical path, advanced new camera system and unique image processing algorithms of the 8800-Series provide excellent imaging results from all types and formats of roll film.

Two series models — the 8850 and 8820 — feature innovative digitizing and image processing technologies to convert all formats of microfilm while offering an intuitive interface and automation tools to further minimize training and operation time while maximizing throughput.

100% Quality Assurance

Wicks and Wilson’s Virtual Scanstation software enables 100% QA inspection and image reprocessing without any need to pause the scanning process or rescan the microfilm.

Access Images Anywhere, Anytime

The 8800 microfilm scanner series models are compatible with Crowley’s IMAGEhost microfilm image retrieval platform. IMAGEhost allows users to view microfilm or microfiche collections in their original format from any internet-enabled device and is a cost-sensible alternative to creating large data infrastructures for image access.

  • Scan speeds of up to 350 frames per minute on the 8850 model
  • Digitizes all types of 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm including cartridges
  • Automated image location, using up to four levels of blip codes or document edges
  • NVIDIA-based image processing with custom microfilm imaging algorithms
  • Instant on-screen display, providing a real-time view which eliminates the need to rescan
  • Full compatibility with Virtual Scanstation – the custom off-line QA tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy and productivity
  • A custom-designed lens, offering greater resolving power across all film types
  • A holographic diffuser in the 8800-Series’ distinctive illumination system for superior results from every scan
  • Microfilm image processing tools for consistent image results, including intelligent thresholding, gamma correction and auto white balance
  • A project set-up feature, allowing all imaging and scanning settings to be recorded and saved for future projects
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8800-Series Microfilm Scanner PC Specifications


Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 or AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core 9900
Memory Recommended – 16 GB or more
Hard Drives Raid 0 array for data or a hard disk system capable of being written to a 90 MB per second or higher. A separate SATA hard disk for the Windows installation.
CD Drive Required. DVD software included; electronic delivery upon request
Monitor* No recommended setting
Graphics Card Current graphic card supplied with controller PC if purchased from Crowley is a nVidia GTX 1050Ti. This has 768 CUDA Cores and 4GB of memory. These two items within its specification are essential to the 8800-Series performance.  If any other nVidia GTX card is purchased, please be sure the specification of these two items are the same level or exceeded.
Operating System Windows 10 Pro (64 bit only with Intel Processor)
PCI Express Slot** Spare full height slot required for Cameralink Interface (included)
USB Interface Not required

*The 8850 software can use a dual monitor set-up

**PCIe slot is required in addition to a slot for the graphics card

The Crowley Company pursues a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.

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