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Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Book Scanner

Zeutschel White Paper Offers Technical Considerations for Book Scanner Purchasers From choosing the right book scanning method to choosing the right book scanner, The Crowley Company’s blog posts have covered multiple options for bound media capture. Thanks to a recent white paper written by Zeutschel GmbH technical director, Volker Jansen, prospects can round out their purchasing knowledge with some technical points to bear in mind. Jansen’s full white paper, “Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Book Scanner,” is…

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Digitizing Scientific Research at The Rockefeller Archive Center

If there is anything that life and Christopher Nolan movies has taught me, it is that there are no absolute heroes; even the most exemplar person has faults and the gruffest of characters can have compassion. Case in point: John D. Rockefeller, Senior (Rockefeller, Sr.). Living his living life between the worlds of shrewd oil tycoon and diligent philanthropist, Rockefeller used much of his fortune financing scientific research that sought to eradicate specific social and physical diseases, some of which…

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