Crowley Releases Three New Microform Digitization Scanners to Market


Frederick, Md. – The Crowley Company (Crowley), a leading worldwide and award-winning provider of production scanners and commercial digitization services, announces the release of three new microform scanners: the C400 Advanced; MACH Mini Fiche; and the UScan+ Advanced. The new scanners include enhanced or new camera systems, as well as other features, that improve upon the evolution of the already impressive quality and usability of previous models.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” states Matthew McCabe, vice president of sales and marketing. “After the COVID-19 pandemic, our customers desired higher workflow efficiency and more cost savings, while Crowley’s manufacturing arms sought to ensure the longevity of our products while facing supply chain issues. Crowley’s engineers took this challenge as an opportunity to spearhead key enhancements to our products that would offer customers even more efficiency and image quality while saving money in the long term. Thus, the next generation of patron and production Crowley microform scanners was born.”

C400 Advanced Aperture Card ScannerC400 Advanced

The world’s only production aperture card scanner on the market, the C400 Advanced provides high quality images, ease-of-use and speed for high-volume card conversions. The C400 Advanced evolves from the C400 scanner and offers an expanded automatic feed system that can scan batches of 300 cards unattended (double from the previous model) or can be manually fed for on-demand card capture. Ideal for those in manufacturing, engineering and nuclear fields, the C400 Advanced, utilizes a new camera system and improved lighting source to offer fast, high-resolution digitization of 35 mm images and Hollerith data from aperture cards.

MACH Mini Fiche Portable Microfiche ScannerMACH Mini Fiche scanner

Designed using industry-acclaimed Mekel Technology, the Crowley-manufactured MACH Mini Fiche offers the same impressive quality, flexibility and software capabilities of the MACH7 production scanner in a smaller and easily transportable model. The MACH Mini Fiche’s compact size (12.25 x 13 X 23.75 inches) and ability to be transported make it an ideal solution for those with limited workspace or digitization needs at multiple locations or departments. The manual load solution uses the powerful Quantum software suite to digitize all formats of microfiche and aperture cards into high-quality digital images that can be edited using expansive post-capture options.

UScan+ Advanced Universal Film ScannerUScan+ Advanced Universal Scanner

A four-time Modern Library Awards winner, the UScan+-Series Universal Film Scanner has proven its value and versatility for public research and low-volume back-office scanning efforts by providing an easier, simpler and better way to scan multiple media with a single unit. Using the line’s award-winning technology and design, the new UScan+ Advanced has evolved to incorporate a new 20 MP high resolution camera, advanced electronics and software advancements to facilitate better image quality, speed and 40% faster batch scanning capabilities. As an all-in-one scanner, the UScan+ Advanced is an affordable solution to research, scan, save and send images from microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, negatives and other film media.

Patrick Crowley, president of The Crowley Company adds, “I’m proud that our team was able to create improvements for our users while advancing the technology and capabilities of our scanners. Crowley’s goal is to continually provide affordable, quality digitization solutions that make it easier and simpler for our customers to scan their media files, simplify workflows and safely preserve unique and valuable collections. This next generation of products exemplifies that goal and we are eager to present it to those capturing microfilm, microfiche and other microform media.”

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