Crowley Distribution Footprint Expands with Qidenus 4th Generation Book Scanner Series

Frederick, Md. – The recent purchase of Qidenus Technologies by Belgium-based iGuana has led to a new generation of book scanners for bound and loose archives. The Crowley Company has represented the Qidenus line of scanners in North America for more than a decade; iGuana has represented Crowley-manufactured products in specific eastern European territories for more than two decades, fostering a strong connection between the companies.

Today, Crowley is pleased to continue its Qidenus distribution partnership in North America and to  geographically expand its footprint into the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Holland/the Netherlands.  Cuirrent offerings include the newest generation of Qidenus scanner models: the re-engineered Qidenus Robotic, Mastered and Smart series scanners. Qidenus book scanners are known for their fully automatic page turning system, flexible V-shaped cradles and modular glass plate custom-designed for the gentle digitization of bound and aging materials. Capable of digitizing materials of all sizes from A3-A1 (11.7 x 16.5” – 23.4 x33.1”), the updated models offer unmatched speeds of up to 1500 pages per hour in archival quality (CMOS image sensor) with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic capture options.

Matt McCabe“We’ve always been pleased to represent the Qidenus brand of book scanners,” says Matthew McCabe, Crowley vice president of sales and marketing, “but these new models have kicked up the excitement level. iGuana’s expertise as a document services and solutions provider paired with the development and manufacturing expertise of Qidenus has resulted in a book scanner series that is forward-thinking for the niche market of archival book scanning.”

Herwig EelenAdds Herwig Eeelen, iGuana president and CEO of Qidenus Technologies, “I have worked with The Crowley Company as a partner and reseller for more years than I can count. Our mutual trust and common goal to offer the best in digitization hardware and services unite us as we seek to propel the digitization industry into the future. We’re pleased with this new engineering of the Qidenus scanner line and know that Crowley will represent us very ably throughout their territories.”

Advanced Capture Software Options

Offered as a standard with every Qidenus book scanner model, QiCapture 2.0 is a completely re-engineered version of the former QiDrive capture software. Designed specifically to work on Qidenus scanners, QiCapture 2.0 fully supports the latest Microsoft Windows OS environments, all models of Nikon and Canon cameras, and single/dual camera configurations. Features include: image capture; image processing and editing; easy scanned page manipulations; metadata creation and insertion; batch processing; workflow management; quality control; export scheduler and many more traits that make for fast, accurate digitized image capture.

As a further option, Qidenus book scanners can also run using iGuana’s iCapture software, part of the iGuana iDM software suite designed specifically for the digitization of cultural heritage archives. iCapture offers a comprehensive, full platform solution to cover the entire digitization lifecycle.

Image Accuracy

Qidenus book scanners have long been known for excellent image quality in their standard configuration. For those needing FADGI or other industry-compliant images, the Qidenus book scanners can play a critical role in the workflow needed to achieve rated images. A consultation with Crowley or Qidenus technicians can help to assure image quality satisfaction.

Says McCabe, “The recent COVID-19 pandemic has served as a harsh reminder that it’s imperative to have digital records that are easily accessible at any time whether it is a one-of-a-kind archive or yesterday’s medical report. The new generation of Qidenus scanners is a timely re-engineering of a longtime industry standard.”

About The Crowley Company

Since 1980, The Crowley Company has been a world leader in the manufacture and resale of digital scanning technologies. The firm also provides an extensive number of digital document and film conversion services  and serves the library, academic, publishing, commercial, private, government and archive sectors.

About Qidenus Technologies, an iGuana company

Qidenus Technologies was initially founded in 2004 by Sofie Quidenus as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Merged into the iGuana, a full-service document management solutions company, in 2018, the firm has just introduced its fourth generation of technologically advanced robotic and manual book scanners. iGuana has companies in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia and South Africa

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