I was impressed by the technology behind the Qidenus book scanners, everything had been considered in constructing the scanner…It was the dream of every digitization provider or librarian, 100% secure digitization.

Salomon Orta, Managing Director, Sivan Mexico

Qidenus: V-Shaped Book Scanners

Robotic, Semi-automatic and Manual Book Scanners

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Qidenus SMART Book Scanner

Qidenus Smart

  • Manual operating mode
  • FADGI-rated capture
  • Available in A1 and A2 sizes
  • 100-degree V-shaped book cradle
  • Offers affordability and ease-of-use

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Qidenus Mastered Semi-Automatic Book Scanner

Qidenus Mastered

  • Manual and semi-automatic operating modes
  • FADGI-rated capture
  • Available in A1, A2, A2+ and A3+ sizes
  • 80-degree V-shaped book cradle
  • Scan speeds up to 1,500 pages/hour

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Qidenus Robotic Book Scanning Equipment

Qidenus Robotic

  • Manual, semi- and fully-automatic operating modes
  • FADGI-rated capture
  • Available in A2 and A3+ sizes
  • 80-degree V-shaped book cradle
  • Scan speeds up to 2,500 pages/hour

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Qidenus Technologies, an iGuana company, is a world market leader in V-shaped and robotic book scanning, offering a wide range of performance scanners from manual to semi- and fully-automatic. The Book Scan 4.0 series is engineered to accommodate an expanding user-base and offers a V-shaped scanner for every need and every budget.

Available in the United States exclusively through The Crowley Company, these revolutionary book scanners are built for 24/7 industrial operation while offering the gentle touch and special preservation features that are absolute requirements for archival scanning.


The Book Scan series scanners are powered by the QiCapture Software Suite and are also compatible with iGuana Capture Software for cultural heritage and archival capture needs.

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