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Seeing Clearly: Shelley Receives AIA Vision Certification

We recently received the good news that electronics engineer Xander Shelley, who helps to turn the nuts, bolts and cameras of Crowley scanners into high-quality imaging machines at our Basingstoke (UK) manufacturing facility, became a Basic Level Certified Vision Professional. He is one of 363 individuals in the world who hold this certification, which is only offered through AIA – the global association for vision information. It is good for three years and must be maintained through ongoing education. Xander was…

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Expanding Our Vision: The Crowley MACHCAM 71MP Hits the Road

What am I doing at the AIA Vision Show in Boston in a booth without a scanner? Short answer: I’m helping to launch Crowley’s brand new imaging and machine vision camera, the MACHCAM 71MP. Longer answer? I’m learning. A lot. This is a vertical with which we’ve had much in common, but always from the client side. Today, we’re vendors of – from what I have seen – one of the most exciting new products on the floor (well, in…

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