Seeing Clearly: Shelley Receives AIA Vision Certification

Xander Shelley

We recently received the good news that electronics engineer Xander Shelley, who helps to turn the nuts, bolts and cameras of Crowley scanners into high-quality imaging machines at our Basingstoke (UK) manufacturing facility, became a Basic Level Certified Vision Professional. He is one of 363 individuals in the world who hold this certification, which is only offered through AIA – the global association for vision information. It is good for three years and must be maintained through ongoing education.

Xander was in Boston, Mass. at the AIA Vision Show this May to take the exam and to help The Crowley Company team introduce the MACHCAM71 MP machine vision camera to the market.

Here’s a little Q&A with Xander (whom we should note is British and uses the Queen’s English…and spelling…):

Q:  How did the CVP training enhance your education; how will you use the knowledge?

A:  The technical training offered by the Certified Vision Professional course advanced my knowledge on optics, having come from a display electronics background. It also exposed me to a new market place, the machine vision market, one which is different to the documentation and imaging worlds that Crowley currently occupies.

A huge advantage of the CVP was meeting others within the field, sharing ideas and learning from each other working on the cutting edge across a varied solution space.

Q:  Will you sit for the advanced exam next year?

A:  The CVP course was one of the best I have attended, and would look forward to continuing my professional development on the advanced course.AIA_CVP_Basic_Logo

Q:  Was there anything you learned that surprised you?

A:  A lot of the machine vision techniques that we were introduced to don’t use colour information for processing (although some techniques do) so monochrome sensors are much more common in machine vision than the markets Crowley currently are in.

Q:  Where do you see the future of what we do at Crowley (as it relates to optics)?

A:  Crowley is currently aggressively pursuing new markets with the new MACHCAM71 MP camera and overhead document scanner (ODS) coming to market in the near future. I see Crowley increasingly embracing new technologies and new techniques for capturing the world around us for future generations to see.

Q:  What do you do for fun?

A:  Outside of work I am a keen DIY’er and theme park enthusiast. I spend my time either designing new gadgets, renovating our house or planning trips around the globe to visit new and exciting theme parks. I am very fond of the technology behind the scenes that allows us to enjoy theme parks safely whilst at the same time feeling out of control.

We congratulate Xander on his certification and look forward to watching him put his new knowledge to work on all of Crowley scan systems.

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