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U.K. Service Bureau Has
20-Year-Success with
Wicks and Wilson Scanners

Last week – in a peak moment of quarantine boredom – I participated in a random online survey of English fashion brands. Although I was unfamiliar with most of the brands, one question prompted a strong opinion: “Are you more likely to purchase a brand with British heritage?” My answer? Yes; in fashion and beyond! Apart from a personal love for Maltesers and Aston Martin cars, this sense of trust in British-made products is also a result of my direct…

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Wicks and Wilson Celebrates 40 Years

For many, 1973 doesn’t seem that long ago. In the United States, a small company called Federal Express was born, Secretariat won the Triple Crown, Burger King broke marketing ground when they told customers they could have it their way, 7-Up became the uncola and President Richard Nixon (in)famously stated, “I am not a crook.” Across the pond, the United Kingdom became a fully-fledged member of the European Economic Community (today’s EU), an international oil crises caused the government to…

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