The Crowley Company Names Officers, Conversion Services Director

Pat CrowleyFrederick, Md. – The Crowley Company announces that Patrick (Pat) Crowley has assumed the office of president following the passing of his brother and former co-owner and president, Christopher (Chris) Crowley this past December.

“Chris and I worked side by side for nearly 30 years,” says Crowley. “We learned the image capture business from our Dad [Jerry Crowley], from each other, from our clients, from the employees around us and from our successes and failures, both of which were plentiful.” He pauses. “Moving forward without Chris will redefine us in a way we had hoped never to test, but for which we had prepared. We used to kid each other and say ‘You be president today’ because it was never about the title for either of us; it’s always been about just loving what we do and making our Dad proud.”

Crowley continues, “I’m supremely confident in the team that we’ve built, some of whom go back to the early days with Dad. Our staff has kept us moving through this first hard month and will be the key to our success as the year unfolds. I couldn’t be more proud to work with a group of people such as those in our Frederick [Maryland], San Dimas [California] and Basingstoke [UK] offices.”

As president, Crowley will focus on future business opportunities, corporate procedures, international relationships and employee development.

Kevin Crowley
Kevin Crowley.
Photo credit: Dan Cross

Having joined The Crowley Company in 2017 after a long career in IT sales, project management and support with Fortune 50 and 100 companies, eldest brother Kevin Crowley has been named chief operating officer. Kevin Crowley’s role will shift slightly from a concentration on technology, research and development and manufacturing to include these as well as overseeing big picture day-to-day operations. “It’s really been a privilege to join the family business and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside Chris and Pat for the past two years. Watching them grow Dad’s business from the outside was one thing; participating in its future is another entirely. While neither Pat nor I can take Chris’ place, we will do our best to honor his loyalty, enthusiasm and passion for this company, its employees and this industry.”

Chris’ sons, Christopher Jr. (24) and Brendan (22), are also employed by the firm. Christopher maintains the inventory and sales of microfilm and scanner parts and supplies; Brendan is a field technician, offering scanner installation, maintenance and training.

Conversion Services Director Named

Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill

The company is also pleased to announce that after an extensive search, Patrick Hill has been selected as the Director of Conversion Services. In this role, Hill will head the activities of Crowley Imaging, the company’s digitization services division, which provides conversion services for collections of bound materials, newspapers, archival documents, business records, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, photographs, slides, negatives and more.

Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, Crowley Imaging provides digitization services in-house and on-site as required. Nearly 60 imaging specialists are employed over two shifts, digitizing historic collections and business records for archival preservation, digital records management and/or online access. In operation for nearly 20 years, Crowley Imaging is one of the nation’s largest and most trusted conversion service bureaus.

A former director of information systems and vice president of corporate application systems, Hill brings 20 years of degrees, certifications and experience in information technology and business processes. This combination provides him with the ideal base for defining, qualifying and quantifying scanning and quality control processes and systems to result in higher efficiencies for both staff and clients.

“Working at Crowley will allow me to use all of my IT, project management and business skills simultaneously in a fresh environment,” says Hill. “I relish learning and I enjoy teaching…and I see opportunity for both in every activity. I was lured in by the intrigue of the work – Crowley has some amazing projects underway – but I’ll stay because of the opportunity to make a difference alongside the high caliber project managers and imaging specialists already in place who have laid the foundation for success. I’m excited to come to work each morning.”

“We’re pleased to have Patrick on board,” says Crowley. “In just a few weeks he’s made a significant impact and I expect that will see more of the same over the course of the year.”



The Crowley Company is a world-leader in digitization/preservation technologies and provides an extensive number of digital document and microfilm conversion services to the public, private and government sectors. The company manufactures, distributes and services high-speed microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, book and document scanners, microfilm duplicators, film processors, micrographics equipment and 71MP cameras. Manufactured brands include CrowleyMekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson.