Crowley to Demonstrate New Scan Systems at Orlando Conference

Frederick, Md. and Orlando, Fl. The Crowley Company (Crowley) will showcase new scan systems at the 2016 Annual American Library Association Conference (ALA). ALA attendees will participate in hands-on demonstrations of Crowley’s wide range of scanning solutions, including the new UScan+ HD and Zeutschel 16000 in Booth 1061 beginning Friday, June 24th Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Gottlieb, author of We Are One: Stories of Work, Life, and Love.”

New to Market

Crowley vice president of sales and marketing, Matthew McCabe, states, “Libraries have extensive and demanding archival and patron scanning requirements. Whether it’s microfilm, bound books, special collections, walk-up scanning or a combination of all, Crowley partners with library professionals to create solutions for every need. Our goal is to be a digital shop of wonders for conference attendees regardless of what their preservation or scanning needs may be.” Crowley’s product lineup will include new book scanning, walk-up patron scanning and image access solutions.

The Uscan+ HD with industry-high 18MP image sensor.
The Uscan+ HD with industry-high 18MP image sensor.

UScan+ HD Universal Film Scanner – The new 18 megapixel active pixel sensor array on the UScan+ HD is the highest in its scanner class. The latest addition to the UScan+ Universal microform series offers the familiar features of previous generations such as Interlibrary Loan (ILL) compatibility, rapid batch scanning and scan-to-cloud along with new timed auto-capture for microfilm and microfiche, allowing back-office operators to specify the pace in which images are scanned.

IMAGEhost – Crowley co-owner Patrick Crowley will be demonstrating the firm’s first web-based image hosting site, IMAGEhost. “Creating a standalone infrastructure for digitized materials to be shared publically can be expensive. Libraries often do not have funds to fully digitize records and create online accessibility and are forced to choose between the two. With IMAGEhost, Crowley will scan strip microfilm collections and host them online in their original microfilm format. Users such as library patrons can then access and save those images on a number of traditional or mobile platforms through the IMAGEhost site. By hosting digital copies on IMAGEhost, institutions have a searchable database without the hassle or cost of creating their own digital infrastructure, saving thousands of dollars.”

Zeutschel OS 16000 A2 book scanner.
Zeutschel OS 16000 A2 book scanner.

Zeutschel 16000 – The affordable new A2 Zeutschel OS 16000 book scanner is gentle on bound and loose materials. Utilizing Zeutschel’s high-end software capabilities, the latest generation of Zeutschel book scan systems offers the advanced editing features of a large-format archival preservation scanner coupled with the ease of a touchscreen copy system that outputs to a wide number of popular technologies and formats.



The Mekel MACH 10 microfilm scanner.

Crowley will also have the following popular scanning solutions on-site for demonstration:

Zeutschel zeta A3 book copy system.
  • Zeutschel zeta –Book copy A3 scanner utilized by libraries, universities, records management operations and more for walk-up patron use. The zeta applies the capabilities of a copier and the advanced software function of a traditional book scanner to create a high-performance and user-friendly scan system


Meet the Author: Elizabeth Gottlieb

Elizabeth Gottlieb
Elizabeth Gottlieb, author of “We Are One: Stories of Work, Life and Love.”

When Elizabeth Gottlieb attempted to unionize the nursery school she worked at in the 1980s, the opposition she faced towards unions was overwhelming. Shocked by her co-workers response, Gottlieb was motivated to explore the current attitudes towards today’s labor movement. Her book, We Are One: Stories of Work, Life, and Love, is a telling collection of personal stories from American union workers across the country about their experiences and opinions on organized labor associations. Gottlieb will be the guest author in The Crowley Company Booth. Free signed copies of “We Are One: Stories of Work, Life, and Love” will be offered to the first 15 attendees each day. Additional copies will be available for purchase.

Complimentary Expo Passes

As Patrick Crowley states, “We, as a society, owe libraries a great deal. As a provider, Crowley is proud to serve their needs with a vast array of imaging products and solutions.” Visit the Crowley website for additional information:


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