Microfilm Theology

Every once in a while life hands you an easy button.

In this case, the button is one of the easiest blogs I’ve never had to write. Last week, Crowley’s West Coast hardware representative, Ed Berkowitz, shared an article written by Ernie Smith, editor of Tedium. Titled “The Strange History of Microfilm, Which Will Be With Us for Centuries,” the writing is entertaining, educational and brings home the message we oft repeat here: microfilm lasts.

Preach, Brother Smith!

From Dancer to Dagron (not “Dragon” – get your head out of the Throne!) to carrier pigeons to comic books, Smith’s history has it all. My only update to his words would be to – happily – report that replacements to the old-fashioned microfilm readers are easy to find and purchase, allowing patrons to view, save, print, electronically share and email images from microfilm and other micro-media.

So join the congregation and know why we believe. It could be the most interesting story on microfilm you’ve yet to read.

A depiction of René Dagron making a presentation, c. 1870. (Photo: Library of Congress/LC-USZC4-10775)
A depiction of René Dagron making a presentation, c. 1870. (Photo: Library of Congress/LC-USZC4-10775)

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