Celebrating American Archives

American Archives Month LogoOctober is officially American Archives month and we’ve been so busy with the day-to-day of digitizing collections, pairing scanners to end-users and attending trade shows that we find the month quickly escaping. So we’re going to stop, take a breath and celebrate just a few of the American archives and their owners and industries that we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past twelve months.

From a First Lady (Typefaces, Animal Rights and the “It” Girl) to Pro Football (Digital Touchdown!) to Black History (Digitizing “The Reporter) and so much more, our client stories prove that archives are interesting, entertaining, educational and necessary.

So – grab your lunch, scroll down and dive into the wonderful world of American archives.


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Cheri BakerCheri Baker, Crowley’s former Director of Communications, has retired but retains her love for writing and all things Crowley. With a career that spans newspaper, agency and corporate communications, her goal remains to dig behind the scenes and tell the story - whatever it may be. Find Cheri Baker on LinkedIn+

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  1. Wow! Awesome archives …. Just wondering if there are any updates on digitizing the Central Lunatic Asylum records. Looking for any black patients with last name Earl(e)y.

    Keep up the great work

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