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Quantum Software Allows Historic New York Microfilm Newspaper Scanning Project to Continue Amid Pandemic

When time is seemingly standing still (quarantine blues, anyone?) yet moving so fast (how is it August already?!), there is not much else to do but start a project you know might take a while. In attempting to run out the quarantine clock, I printed and intended to organize three years of photos from my phone. Instead, sitting with hard copy evidence of a life lived closer than six feet apart only deepened the shade of my blues and proved to…

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176 Year Old Newspaper Fights Slavery; Echos Today’s News

Last August we received a plea via email: “We want a scan of four pages of a fragile 1841 newspaper that is approximately 16 7/8″ x 22 3/4″. I suspect this is too small a job for your company, but I thought I’d try. We are a small museum with a pitifully small budget.” How could we resist? What Jane Rissler, director of the Jefferson County (W Va.) Museum and author of the email, didn’t know is that we keep our…

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Donations Fund Newspaper Archive Scanning Project

Editor’s note: We love when blogs write themselves. In this case, credit goes to Eric Mease of the Historical Society of Cecil County and Maryland’s Cecil Whig, one of the country’s oldest newspapers, for an article published earlier this week. The article featured a newspaper digitization project for which Crowley Imaging performed the scanning. Microfilm images were digitized using the Mekel Technology MACH5 rollfilm scanner and the fragile bound newspapers were scanned using Zeutschel overhead scanners. The archived newspapers dated…

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