Crowley Celebrates InoTec SCAMAX® Sorter Launch for InoTec 300- and 600-Series Document Scanners

Frederick, Maryland and Ergolding, Germany – The Crowley Company, (Crowley) a global digital preservation solutions company, is celebrating with DATAWIN GmbH / InoTec on the launch of the InoTec SCAMAX® Sorter, which can be applied to the InoTec SCAMAX® 300-Series and InoTec SCAMAX® 600-Series, the acclaimed Buyers Lab Test by Keypoint Intelligence “Highly Recommended” and “Highly Reliable” production scanner.

Highest Sorting Power in the World

InoTec SCAMAX® Sorter featured on the InoTec 300-Series scanner.

As a hardware add-on, the SCAMAX® Sorter extends the award-winning InoTec document scanner series SCAMAX® 300-Series and SCAMAX® 600-Series to the most powerful sorting desktop document scanners on the global market. The sorting unit, which can be installed on-site, sorts documents in up to five output trays during the scanning process. The sorting decision is made on the basis of common sorting events and sorting criteria, be it patch code, barcode, document length, double sheet detection, database (CSV) or integrity detection. Depending on the scanning software used, sorting based on document content is also possible. This means that the SCAMAX® Sorter exceeds the sorting capacity of many stand-alone scanning devices.

InoTec SCAMAX® Sorter featured on the InoTec 600-Series scanner.

The SCAMAX® Sorter is available in two versions: with two sorting trays and with four sorting trays. Together with the rear output tray for straight paper feed-through, which every SCAMAX® desktop scanner offers as standard, results in three or five sorting trays, which are controlled via active switches.

Optimal Sorter for Scan Service Providers

According to Johannes Boerboom, CEO of DATAWIN GmbH, “We are convinced that the SCAMAX® Sorter covers a wide range of sorting requirements when scanning documents and therefore offers cross-industry users a lot of time and money savings: for example, when sorting out separation sheets, cover sheets or specific document types during scanning. Of course, the sorting unit can be used particularly profitably wherever there is a high volume of documents and therefore a high scanning and sorting throughput is required. That’s why we see scanning services as a core sales market for the SCAMAX® Sorter”.

Patrick Hill, Crowley’s vice president of services, sales and operations said “We cannot wait to begin leveraging the sorter in our service bureau. It will significantly boost our throughput, allowing us to process and deliver client requests with unprecedented speed and accuracy”.

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About The Crowley Company: The Crowley Company is a global leader in digital preservation solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to help businesses and organizations digitize, manage and preserve their valuable assets. With over 40 years of experience, Crowley is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

About DATAWIN GmbH / InoTec: InoTec, based in Wölfersheim, Hesse, optimizes the digitization processes of its customers worldwide with highly reliable production scanners and excellent service. Its SCAMAX® family of production scanners helps governments, government agencies and companies in all industries to scan and sort large volumes of documents productively and securely. InoTec is a brand of DATAWIN GmbH.