InoTec 300-Series Production Scanners

Production Scanner for
Mid-volume Document Scanning

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The SCAMAX® 3×1 (also called the InoTec 300-Series production scanners) brings true production scanning to those with mid-volume paper scanning needs. As the “little sibling” of the SCAMAX® 6×1, it combines the 24/7 operation capability and numerous premium functionalities of the world’s leading desktop device into an even more compact device. This allows users to handle even comparatively small daily volumes with the quality and reliability of a high-end production scanner.

2023 Document Manager Awards Imaging Product of the Year
2023 Document Manager Awards Imaging Product of the Year (Workgroup/Departmental category) and runner up for “One to Watch: Product.”

Nicknamed “the middleweight champ,” it is the new standard in the mid-volume class. Powered by InoTec’s SCAMAX® scan+ software, the high-performance production scanners include the 311 and 321 models which reach from 100-120 ppm in Bitonal/Color capture at 200/300 dpi.

InoTec 300-Series Production Scanners

FADGI Capable

The InoTec 300- and 600-Series model scanners are proven to capture FADGI three-star compliant images. Click to learn more about FADGI standards.

The InoTec 300-Series production scanners offer the impressive quality and extensive features of a high-end production scanner, including compatibility with the Federal Agency Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). The SCAMAX® 3×1 is the highest quality and most cost-effective choice showcasing excellent results, intuitive usability and long product life.

Even More Productivity

Whether separation sheets, cover sheets, or specific document types: With the SCAMAX® Sorter, you can sort documents into up to five output trays – at full scanning speed, based on all common events. Mixed stacks are digitized and sorted in just one pass. The sorting criteria range from patch code and barcode, document length, and double sheet detection to database (CSV) and integrity detection. Depending on the scanning software used, content-based sorting is also possible.

  • 100 and 120 ppm models available
  • FADGI 3-star capable
  • Document sorting at full scan speeds by event control e.g. patch-code, counter, document length, barcodes (1D and 2D), etc.
  • Gentle, maintenance-free belt transport system
  • Straight and easily-accessible transport path for easy cleaning and troubleshooting
  • Scan speeds adjustable via the touch-screen even during the scan process*
  • Specialized scratch-resistant glass. Resists damage from staples, paper clips and page grooves and delivers with a three-year no-scratch warranty on glass guides.
  • Variable input pressure for optimized input depending on document quality and size
  • SlowDown Modus (optional) for scanning fragile documents safely
  • Wide transport width (12.5″/317.5 mm)

    The InoTec 300- and 600-Series scanners are compatible with Kodak Capture Pro Software, Kofax VRS and Kofax Express.
  • 7″ MultiTouch communication panel. Clear instruction and “traffic light logic” makes for for fast, intuitive handling.
  • Durable components for a low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • ISIS, TWAIN and Kofax VRS- and Kofax Express-compatible
  • Image optimization intelligence via InoTec’s Perfect Document Technology
  • Ability to upgrade scanners to a higher model in the field. No swapping, shipping costs or downtime.
  • Optional imprinting. Imprint up to four lines of text and barcode printing in 300-1200 dpi resolution
  • Powered by InoTec’s SCAMAX® scan+ software

*Available on the 321 model.

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