At the risk of reproducing every cliché in the book about German manufacturing, there is little question that InoTec’s SCAMAX devices are designed and built to take everything that the modern capture environment could throw at them, and more. These are serious scanners for serious scanning operations.

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InoTec 600-Series Production Scanners

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high-speed document scanner InoTec

Introduced in the fourth quarter of 2019, the InoTec SCAMAX® 6×1 high performance document scanner revolutionizes the ability to efficiently and reliably scan large volumes of paper records and archives. Offering a USB 3 port and duplex scan speeds of up to 420 ipm, the InoTec 600-series high-speed document scanner builds on the robust design of prior models with added features including wide paper transport system, 7″ multi-touch communication panel for easy operation, optional post-scan imprinting and more.

The InoTec 600-series model scanners are proven to capture FADGI three-star compliant images. Click to learn more about FADGI standards.

Powered by InoTec’s SCAMAX® scan+ software, the 600-series high performance document scanners include the 601, 611, 621 and 631 models which reach from 120-210 ppm in Bitonal/Color capture at 200/300 dpi.





high-speed document scanner Inotec 600-series
The InoTec 6×1 offers full quick and easy access to the transport path
  • Image optimization intelligence via InoTec’s Perfect Document Technology
  • 120 ppm, 150 ppm, 180 and 210 ppm models available
  • Durable components for a low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • ISIS, TWAIN and Kofax VRS- and Kofax Express-compatible
  • Ability to upgrade scanners to a higher model in the field. No swapping, shipping costs or downtime.
  • Specialized scratch-resistant glass. Resists damage from staples, paper clips and page grooves and delivers with a three-year no-scratch warranty on glass guides.
  • Straight-through paper path with front or rear document output. Ensures no roller jams or damage to documents.
  • Gentle, maintenance-free belt transport system
  • Easily-accessible transport path

    The InoTec 600- and 400-series scanners are compatible with Kodak Capture Pro Software, Kofax VRS and Kofax Express.
  • Wide transport width (12.5″/317.5 mm)
  • Output hopper. Four angle options to maximize efficiency.
  • Adjustable feed pressure. Accommodates document diversity easily.
  • 7″ multi-touch communication panel. Clear instruction and “traffic light logic” makes for for fast, intuitive handling.
  • Optional imprinting. Imprint up to four lines of text and barcode printing in 300-1200 dpi resolution
  • Powered by InoTec’s SCAMAX® scan+ software
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