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Digitization Champions:
Recapping #AmericanArchivesMonth

As the crisp autumn air changes into a frosty winter breeze, I must accept that “spooky season” is over and with it ends Crowley’s daily #AmericanArchivesMonth social media shout-outs to archive clients using Crowley’s digitization products, services and support. For those that don’t follow Crowley online, now is the time to redeem yourself and follow @CrowleyScans on all platforms. While I begrudgingly exchange my ghosts, bats and witches for all things pumpkin, I’m comforted knowing that archives can still be…

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Preserving Legacies: Baylor University and the Zeutschel ScanStudio

Beyond the fountain of youth or the holy grail, digitization is one of the best tools for fighting mortality. If this seems like an overly romantic train of thought, it is. But in a world where our stories are our legacy, the written word – and creating a long-living, high-quality replication of that word – becomes life beyond death. Baylor University’s Ray I. Riley Digitization Center (RDC) preserves the legacies of various artists and histories through their capture and digital…

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