Crowley Announces Technical Support, Distributor Relationship with Imaging 411

Frederick, Maryland – Christopher Crowley, co-owner and president of The Crowley Company, announces that Imaging 411, of Long Island, NY, has been selected to supply technical support to Crowley capture hardware clients throughout the United States. The efforts of Imaging 411 technicians will complement and supplement those of The Crowley Company’s in-house technical support division.

Crowley states, “With the addition of the Wicks and Wilson UScan and the Zeutschel zeta to our scanner line this year, our equipment sales have considerably increased, affecting our ability to service maintenance and technical support customers to the degree they deserve. Imaging 411 has over a decade history of providing top-tier technicians with expansive national coverage. This will allow for quicker turnaround and an overall better customer service experience. Imaging 411 techs will receive intensive training on all Crowley brands and will be well-qualified to support the units in the field.” Crowley-supported brands include Mekel Technology, Wicks and Wilson, InoTec, Zeutschel, Qidenus, Extek Microsystems and HF Processors. “From the customer standpoint,” Crowley continues, “The Crowley Company remains the point of contact and the contracting agent. The only difference noticed will be faster turnaround.” Additionally, Crowley believes that the reduced traveling costs that are a benefit of Imaging 411’s multiple locations will help to minimize future price increases.

Imaging 411 has also been selected as a value-added distributor of Crowley’s Wicks and Wilson, InoTec and Zeutschel products. “We have only recently expanded channels beyond our own for many of our products,” says Crowley. “To have Imaging 411 join us as a new distributor is a positive indication that we are heading in the right direction to meet market demands.” To date, Crowley has more than 100 resellers worldwide.

Joe Paradiso, CEO of Imaging 411, notes that “I personally have a great respect for Crowley’s capture hardware and am pleased that Imaging 411 can partner with Crowley for both technical support and as a value-added distributor. Our technicians are trained in third party support and we’ve worked hard to earn and maintain an excellent industry reputation. We’re happy to bring this level of service to Crowley clients.”

About Imaging 411

Imaging 411 is a Value Added Distributor (VAD) and, since 2003, the only independent service provider performing onsite service for many popular document scanners using a nationwide network of their own factory-trained field service engineers. Check the website for information about service programs and products.